Types of Juicers and What you need to know

Types of Juicers and What you need to know

If you are going to buy a juicer it is extremely helpful to understand the different types of juicers and how they differ. The process in which a juicer makes the juice an important factor in how long fresh juice will last. in addition different juicers can Process different fruits and vegetables better than other ones, and also process harder things like nuts or even pasta.

Jumping to the conclusion of this article, the type of juicer you end up buying should be decided upon based off what you want to juicer for. Keep that in mind while reading through this article.

It’s easy to get distracted by all the features and chrome of a new juicer, but if all you want to do is make some banana juice – you may not need a $5000 Juicer.

Below you’ll find a summary of the different types juicers and how they compare to each other.



These are the most commonly available juicers. The Centrifugal juicers could be found in most department stores and generally speaking are the most affordable electric juicer. You can even get one for similar price is a decent manual juicer would cost.

The Centrifugal juicers received its name by the method in which it works.

Think of a washing machine, there is a blade that cuts the fruit and vegetables and then the Centrifugal juicers (* like the washing machine) Spends at a high velocity extracting the Juice out of the sliced vegetables or fruit.

The strainer basket which is comprised of many small holes allows the juice to travel out while keeping the sliced vegetables inside. Basically that’s how the Centrifugal juicers work.

It is the unique spinning system in partnership with the blades that separates this type of juicer from others that may squeeze press or grind the juice, it’s also what provides the pros and cons to this type machine.

One of the biggest cons is that you can only extract so much juice from the rapid spinning action. It’s also debated by some juicers that the rapid spinning creates heat and extra air on the juice that can cause oxidize in fresh juice leading to reduced taste and loss of nutrients.

However, on the pro side the centrifugal juicers are much faster at creating a glass of juice and could be easier to clean than most other types

We recommend the centrifugal juicers if you’re looking to make a quick glass of juice in the morning, looking for easy cleanup, and don’t mind necessarily not extracting every bit of juice from the fruit, also just be aware that there is the debate on whether or not the centrifugal juicers cause the juice to oxidize or not.


Breville BJE200XL

The Breville BJE200XL

The best centrifugal juicer we have come across is the Breville BJE200XL. It has a heavy-duty compact juice fountain with centered knife blade assembly and a 700-watt motor that operates at 14,000 RPM for maximum Juice extraction. The value and the piece of equipment you’re getting is well worth it! You can Get this on Amazon for $99.95




As far as juicers go the masticating juicer line is relatively new to the juicing game. The way these function is pretty much with a single gear that has an auger with blades. It crunches the veggies or fruit into a thick pulp in the process the juice is released.


​These slow juicers are highly effective in breaking down the fibrous walls of fruit cells and leave a very dry pulp in the process – they extract a lot of juice.

In comparison to a centrifugal juicer the masticating juicers process at a much slower speed, it just takes longer, this however produces minimal heat and even less oxidation to the final product. If you’re looking for the most nutritional value from your juice, and looking to potential even store it longer in your refrigerator – this is the best way to go.

If you asked us which is our favorite type of juicer to use, we would say the single gear masticating juicers wins hands down! They are the type we recommend to our friends and family if they’re getting into the wonderful world juicing. They are a bit more expensive than the centrifugal juicer (about $100 more), however in the long run with the quality of juice you will receive, and the history of them performing better longer, you will make back your investment.

Quite literally a single gear masticating juicer will last a while, These come with a lengthy warranty and they are pretty much tanks. As mentioned above they don’t heat the juice or leave the juice “frothy” when it comes out of the machine.


Omega J8006

The Omega J8006

This top-rated masticating juicer has gotten top reviews across the board on Amazon. It is the one we have in our  office over here.

It is a easy-to-use masticating juicer with powerful motor, low speed of 80 RPMs; no foaming, clogging, or heat build-up with 110 volt, and a high juice yield; auto pulp-ejection function for continuous juicing – you will be loving every drop of juice that comes out.

Read more about the Omega j8006 on Amazon




These are the top of the line juicers that you can get, there are some of the best in the world and prized and praised highly amongst juicers.

They build upon the idea of the masticating juicer, by adding a second gearthat locked in with the first wall rotating inwards. It quite literally crushes everything that’s put between them leaving only a very dry pulp behind.

A triturating juicer will process at a very low speed and even better it produces no heat leaving only highly nutrition juice behind. The closeness of the blades also ensures that very little air get into the juice reducing oxidation.

Twin gear juicers, HOW DO THEY WORK?

With zero phone and perhaps the maximum saving of nutrients these guys are awesome.

You want to juice hard vegetable like celery, or something nice and light like apples or leafy greens? The high pressure that is exerted by the interlocking gears can pretty much crush up the stuff into exquisite juice.

If price is not issue and you want top quality juice that will excel at making juice and do a great, this is the bad boy for you.

But what is the pros and cons

The Twin Gear AKA Triturating juicers are unequivocally top-of-the-line. Just because they are top-of-the-line it does not mean they are necessarily the best for you. Considering the high price tag we feel comfortable only recommending these who are serious about using I want the most versatile machine that Will deliver only the most optimal juice.  Just like you want to buy a yacht if all you want to do was float your pond, it’s sort of the same as this.

If you want to juice every day we recommend the more affordable single gear juicer, if you are going to be a raw food lover and wish to go that path in life than this is definitely the type of juicer you need to have.


Tribest Green Star Elite

The Tribest Green Star Elite

This is the Tribest Green Star Elite, it is the premium triturating juicer that is under $1000. As the marketing phrase goes for it ” it is the only juicer you’ll ever need”.

With an Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and easier clean-up, it easily juices most fruits, herbs & vegetables and grinds nuts, grains, it works as a food mill for preparation of baby foods, sorbets and nut butters, is super easy to clean and assemble and quite portable with balanced sure-grip handle for easy carrying; and a 12 Year Warranty! WOW!


Buy the Tribest Green Star Elite on Amazon today!



This family of juicer is not well known but they do produce an extremely high quality of juice. The hydraulic press juicers utilizes a two-stage process which in turn extracts the most nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and of course juice from all the vegetables and fruits you put in it.

Stage 1 the “trituration”.

This is when this juicer will grind shop and shred the produce. The Pope is then placed in a container lined with cheesecloth or linen lined trades that are then ready for the second stage.

Stage 2 ” juice extraction” – the cold press.

Comprised of two steel plates, the hydraulic press clamps down on the Pulp creating extreme pressure. This pressure will generate more juice than any of the other juicers listed above. If you leave us check out the very pale and super dry pulp that is left behind after.

This process consists of two stages is very time-consuming however it is worth it if you’re after high quality juice. It is quite arguable that this type of juicer will produce the most flavorful juice, as there is no electricity used in the making of it, no spinning, and nothing but pressure. You can also store juice from this method in a refrigerator for up to three days before noticing substantial loss in vitamins, nutrients or flavor.

These are rather heavy and not something you want to move around quite regularly, however they can be used to make a wide range of other substances such as nut butter by grinding up nuts, and other food items.

These juices are in a league of their own and usually are incredibly expensive. That is the price not issue, and you have time or helpers this is a great machine for those committed to a raw food lifestyle.


Norwalk Model 280

The Norwalk Model 280

Without a doubt and currently, the best juicer on earth is The Norwalk Model 280. In almost every possible category except perhaps the price, most users can agree this is the best. However it’s worth every penny for so many reasons.


The Model 280 has a Vortex Triturator, a helical cutter-grinder mechanism that allows it to cut the fibers of raw foods for maximum extraction of nutrients. A Hydraulic Press extracts the nutrients from the pulp. Hand assembled in the USA since 1934. This machine will last you a lifetime.


Read more about The Norwalk Model 280 on Amazon




If you’re looking for exercise while you make your juice, as the name implies these are the handcrank juicers. They are some of the cheapest options for juicing.

Some of the biggest cons for producing juice with a manual juicer as they just can’t process a wide range of fruit and vegetables, and extract very little juice. The majority of manual juicers on the market are for citrus or wheatgrass.

The  citrus juicers excel at only juicing various types of citrus fruits, however they can’t process the peels. On the other hand the wheatgrass juicers do a decent job of juicing Just wheatgrass and some other leafy greens.

The handcrank juicers vary in price, for about $10 to just over $200.

These types of juicers are good if you’re looking to try out using and don’t have a lot or want to invest that much electric model. You can always try out this and if it juicer style works for you invest a Electronic version later on.


Tribest Z-Star Z-510

Tribest Z-Star Z-510

If you’re looking for a great manual juicer the Z-Star is it! It is the best on the market manual juicer today. Basically it is a single auger masticating juicer without a motor. It will produce great juice for you.

It is a affordable juicing at home, or on the go, lightweight and portable, versatile -and can juice wheatgrass and a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, extremely gentle and efficient process extracts more high-quality juice and comes with a 1 year warranty.

It also comes in at a very light 6 pounds making it great for travel!


Get the Tribest Z-Star Z-510 on Amazon here


We hope you enjoyed reading about types of Juicers and what you need to know. The more informed you are the more informed of a buying decision choice you can make.

Happy juicing!