Twin Gear Juicer

Twin Gear Juicer

Referred to as a “triturating juicer”, the twin gear juicer will rub, grind, and crush fruit into a great juice.

Twin gear juicer blades

Twin gear juicer blades

The triturating process that the twin gear juicer operates on, is  built upon the single gear auger version of the juicer. This triturating juicer has two gears that rotate inward with a hairline gap, crushing and grinding and extracting the juice out of the fruit.

The process of triturating tears open the fruits cell membranes, in the process releasing the nutrients that is deep-seated inside of it along with the enzymes that are so great for health. The phytochemical is additionally broken up that results in a juice that is richly colored, and tastes remarkably superb.

As mentioned above the twin gear juicer is in some way advanced version of a single gear juicer. It operates at a very low speed, and the diameter of the gears is small. In comparison a single gear juicer will have one big augur, while the twin gear juicer has several smaller ones.

It is the low speed that makes this juicer really superb. When rotating at a slower speed the augers do not disturb the cellular structure of the vegetables and fruits, also with a smaller gap in between the blades oxidation is reduced, preventing the  sought-after enzymes and nutrients degrading from their natural form.

Twin gear juicer diagram

Twin gear juicer diagram

Leafy greens and softer fruit are generally easy to use with this type of juicer, however your harder vegetables such as carrots may provide a bit of a challenge unless you cut them up small.

The quantity of juice that is retrieved between gear juicer is just above that of a single gear juicer. The chances that the juice will have oxidation is also very little when used properly, as is the chance of having foam on your juice (* foam is a bad sign in juice, as it means a lot of air has hit the juice)


As mentioned above the  slow  speed and closeness of the augers reduce almost eliminate oxidation, also with the slow speed this machine will be very silent compared to a centrifugal juicer.

The Juice that is produced from this machine can safely be stored in a refrigerator for about a day and a half (around 36 hours) before noticeable declines in nutrients and enzymes and taste is detected.

High quality juice that is rich in taste and flavor is a stable product of the twin gear juicer.

They also are known to produce very dry pulp as they extract a lot of juice from the products put in.


If you are a beginner to Juicing, this type of juicer may not be ideal for you because of its price, and it’s complexity.

We say complexity, because more patience is needed for the optimal operation of this type of juicer. The Juicing of hard produce maybe a bit more challenging as well and will require more effort compared to a single gear juicer.

Lastly there also a bit more heavier and cumbersome to move around, but  the juice you get from it is well worth the disadvantages.

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